Michael Schindler
E-Commerce Rockstar

Best of all worlds

I'm an e-commerce expert and Senior IT Project Manager with 20+ years experience.
I offer a very unique combination of:

  • technical knowledge from developer view,
  • business processes and needs from client perspective,
  • project management from service provider side,
  • understanding for highly successful sales & pre-sales and
  • working in agile, international environments.

I offer a hands-on "getting things done" mentality and don't support having superfluous meetings to talk about things that "could be done if...". Let's save everyone's time to concentrate on the things that really matter.

  • Technical

    I'm a certified Web Developer, Graphics Designer and IT nerd who has worked on numerous frontend, backend, web and print projects, either as freelancer or full-time employee. I've also been Product Manager for a SAAS provider and Member of Product Board for Peerius Personalization Machine-Learning engine.

  • Business

    Founding member of Peerius Germany, that later was aquired by Episerver. I've been actively responsible for building up the company from ground up to become successful and well established on the DACH market. Before, I was employed at an online shop and therefore know very well what it takes to run an online business successfully.

  • Project

    Senior IT Project Manager responsible for all aspects related to the technical integration of EMEA key players in e-commerce. From large, well-known fashion brands, to heavy weights in consumer goods, telecommunications, banks and B2B.

  • Sales

    Extensive Pre-Sales and Marketing activities, driving the Peerius GmbH Sales success rate to more than 90%. 

  • International

    Day-to-day working with international teams, located across the globe.
    In addition I was working abroad: 1 year London, England and 1 month Boston, USA.

University of Michigan

Data Science Ethics


Advanced CSS Concepts

SAE Institute

Multi Media Production

Working abroad

  • London, England

    1 year

  • Boston, USA

    1 month


"Michael is an extremely talented project manager and solution architect and IMO, it is very unique for someone to be proficient in both areas whilst being able to make invaluable contributions to product development, sales, customer support, customer onboarding and customer retention the way he did."

M. Gopinath, VP of Engineering & CTO

"Peerius would not have achieved the success that it did in the DACH region leading up to its acquisition had it not been for Michael's outstanding efforts to cater to the requirements of the sales, marketing and customer success operations. "

R. Brown, CEO

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