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I love to travel, to experience new cultures, places or just to relax on white beaches. I enjoy luxury travel just as much as living in the jungle without electricity. So far I’ve been to more than 40 countries and traveled a distance of more than 15x around earth. Some of my personal highlights include Galapagos Islands, Borneo rain forest, Japan, crossing Panama Canal, Guatemala and the Andes. My most favorite places are Florida, Hong Kong and London. The latter I really learned to love while I was blessed to be able to be living there for 1 year. But I'm generally in love with the US and Asia, having visited already 13 US states and been travelling across Asia.


I'm an aviation enthusiast, founded my own aviation blogs and love vintage warbirds. My passion for aviation goes together with my love for travelling, having completed already more than 250+ flights. I have flown a Cold War jet fighter, WW2 bi-planes and have been on almost all types of commercial airliners. I’ve also been onboard the famous Antonov AN-225 and flying with a DC-3.


Most of my pictures I'm taking during my trips around the world. While I have a variety of interests, my photos are mainly focused around nature, wildlife, architecture, art and aviation. Some have been recognized by National Geographic, Getty Images, AOL, Discovery Channel and a few have been shown on exhibitions in Athens, Berlin, Los Angeles, Melbourne and Budapest.
In this regards I also enjoy working with Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.


I'm a nerd and love to work on my personal little projects in my freetime or I'm following my desire to learn something new. I enjoy being creative in Photoshop, too.
Also I'm an early adopter of new technologies and I like testing new upcoming products. For many years I was a Microsoft Beta Tester until the introduction of the Insider program. I participated in several private Microsoft beta programs such as
Codename: Springboard (Windows XP Service Pack 2)
Codename: Whistler Server (Windows Server 2003 + R2)
Microsoft Game Studios: Zoo Tycoon 2: Marine Mania
Microsoft Game Studios: Hopnotic
Codename: Monad (Windows PowerShell)
Codename: Acrylic, Sparkle, Quartz, VEX (Expression Suite)
Codename: A1 (Windows Live OneCare)
Office 2007
Live Search Webmaster Portal
Microsoft Update, MUv4
Codename: Longhorn + Longhorn Server (Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008)
Windows Vista Service Pack 1
Windows Live Messenger 8.0 German: Centered on Mobile Services
Codename: Q (Windows Home Server)
Codename: Morro (Microsoft Security Essentials)
Codename: Vienna (Windows 7)
Windows Server 2008 R2
Codename: Vail (Windows Home Server 2011)
Microsoft Game Studios Codename: Project S (Age Of Empires Online)
Microsoft Security Essentials v2
Microsoft Game Studios: Flight
Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 8
Microsoft Game Studios Codename: Project Spark

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